Monday, April 19, 2010

Why it Pays to Have a Good Relationship with a Local Supplier

I know that one of the things that technology has done for us is to allow us to make our purchases easier, and in some cases save us money. However, in the last couple of weeks I've had some great experiences with Goetze Dental and I think they go to show that it pays to have a relationship with a good local distributor.

Goetze handles all of my IT duties as well as repairing all my equipment and providing my supplies. A couple of weeks ago their IT gang was installing some new check-in computers in my reception area. Just as part of their routine, they also checked out my server to make sure all was well. It turns out that they discovered a couple of problems that could've been severe. Thanks to this "above and beyond" service I discovered that I need a new server and one is currently being built for me. This is a whole lot easier than learning of the problem when the whole system comes crashing down.

I also got some top notch CE at the Goetze headquarters here in KC for *way* under market value on Friday.

So I think the lesson to be learned is that it pays to have a local company you can count on. I've been saved from countless headaches over the years by the good people at Goetze and I continue to support them because of all the little extras they provide.


  1. Hi John,
    My goal is to help educate our industry of the value a good rep and supplier adds to a dental practice. The cost of equipment and supplies does not always reflect the true value of the supplier relationship.
    How can you measure the downtime you might have avoided just because of your relationship and the extra mile these people go to make sure your office runs efficiently.
    As a long time rep I use all my skills to provide a high level of service that goes way beyond the price that can be measured by comparing prices of cotton rolls...

    Thanks again for sharing your positive experiences with Dental Suppliers....

    Success in Dentistry and Life.