Monday, April 5, 2010

A *New* iPad on the Horizon?

In case you've been unconscious for the past 4 months, Apple has released a new product called the iPad as of Saturday April 3rd. I'm not going to go into what the device is or does as that's been covered ad nauseum everywhere else. However, I did find this interesting tidbit as I was doing my iPad research.

It seems that an enterprising tech head was nosing around in the iPad file system and discovered some files that indicate new devices on the horizon. This indicated there are new iPhones and iPods that are being developed which is no big surprise.

The interesting part is the inclusion of iProd2.1. iProd1.1 was Apple's internal name for the iPad so this would lead one to believe that 2.1 is well on its way in the development cycle.

Of course this isn't a tremendous shocker. The product cycle would indicate Apple *should* be working on the next generation device. It's just weird that it would show up already on the day the first generation is released. For all the lowdown on this story, check out the Boy Genius Report.

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