Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Inside of the iPad

After this and yesterday's post, some of you will be thinking I'm a Mac hater and that's just not true. These 2 posts just happen to be what's on my mind currently.

Anyway, I was sort of stunned to see the photo above while I was searching and researching technology today. As you can see, the iPad above is basically a very small computer circuit surrounded by a huge battery. That would explain the amazing battery life this device has.

I'm still on the fence about getting one though and that kind of amazes me. I have an iPod Touch which I really like and use more for the apps over Wifi than I do as a music device. However, I'm not convinced that I'd use the iPad for anything more. It's definitely a cool device with an amazing screen, but I'm trying to figure out why I would need it in addition to the iPod Touch.

Also, when you couple the above info with the fact that I've also got a Tablet PC from Motion Computing that has handwriting recognition, I'm just not sure I need another tablet type device. I'm open for debate on this. Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. John,

    I think you've nailed it on the head here. It is a large iPad Touch. I, too, like much of what Apple does but I can not see the value of this first iteration of the iPad. Though I must tell you, I've not used or played with one. But I don't have the strong pull because while I love the ingenutiy, beauty, elegance that Apple products usually have to offer I always must have some compelling need answered, too. Some other issues: it seems a bit awkward in size (10" screen) to where it would be in that tweener zone of not big enough for regular typing and use (even on a screen) and too big to put in my pocket like the iTouch. Also, seems like it'd be easy to damage/drop, etc. I'm just not seeing it on this one....kinda reminds me of the Apple Newton...

  2. Hi John,
    I watched about an hour of video yesterday on youtube to see how others are using this. So I can see value in these ways.

    #1 - I want to explore opportunity to creat an application. Its' not the iPad itself that I am so interested in, its' the applications that people will develop that make it more useful...and I want to be one of those people!

    #2 - I would probably use it to read blogs and magazines I am subscribed to - I really like the idea of multi-media publishing. I understand this can happen on a laptop, but I like the touch screen, the ability to interact with advertisements, the idea of subscribing to magazines and keeping them archived. I use my Kindle this way now, but I honestly miss the advertising. The Ipad is revolutionary for this use.

    #3 - A book reader. I like the idea of keeping my books in this form. I use a Kindle right now, but I can see where the iPad would be a useful reader for many. The format is beautiful - small and handheld and easy to flip pages with the touch of the screen. This means I can easily place this on the holder on the eliptical machine or treadmill and read a book - not so easy to do with a paperback!

    #4 - A much bigger screen for watching media. I have watched movies on my iPod, but the screen is too small - this device would let me watch while I travel and I could easily share the screen with other viewers.

    When I am not using the iPad - it can be recharged and placed on a base as a digital photo frame.

    I also saw some of the other applicaitons that I think I would explore like "Pages" and the ability to create presentations. The battery life would be a real bonus here!

    I would buy a good protective cover (like I did for my Kindle) - it has already saved me more than once when I dropped it!

    I can really see this as being handy. I am sure this will have some use, and I will pick one up when its' Canada, we have to wait a little longer 9later April)

    Success in Dentistry and Life.