Sunday, April 25, 2010

Holy Mackerel! 1 TB for $70

If you are in the market for a bunch of storage, check this out. Newegg is selling a 1 TB (yes that's one terabyte) drive for $70 until May 1. Get out your credit card and grab one or more of these babies before they are gone.

This is an insane price. Wow!

The Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB Hard Drive uses less power and supports quieter, cooler-running desktop PCs. Its breakthrough 64MB cache makes this hard drive suitable for high-performance home and business computing, as it can handle high-end data-intensive and multimedia applications.

This hard drive incorporates WD’s GreenPower technology, which yields lower operating temperatures and low acoustics, best for ultra-quiet PCs and external drives use. The IntelliPower delivers a fine-tuned balance of spin speed, transfer rate and caching algorithms; IntelliSeek Calculates optimum seek speeds. All the features help the drive to operate with lower power consumption and reduced noise.

Pros: Uses the new 4KB physical sector. This increases data consistency and reliability and significantly reduces the amount of overhead needed for ECC and sync (allowing for more space available to the user).
Cons: Extra steps needed for WinXP to run on these drives.
Other Thoughts: This drive uses the new 4KB physical sector, not to be confused with 4KB logical sectors. When you format a standard drive to have 4KB sectors that only relates to the logical size of the sectors, not their physical size. The physical sector size is set at manufacturing.

If you are planning on running Windows XP on this drive you must either jump pings 7 and 8 or run their WD Align application.

However, if you plan on running a modern Windows OS (Vista or 7), Linux, or Mac OSX, then no additional steps are required. For more info on special circumstances go here:

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