Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wester Digital Announces SiliconBlue SSD's

The SSD or Solid State Drive just keeps getting better. WD now has this amazing 256GB monster. Granted it's not as big as some regular hard drives, but the gap is closing and when you consider no moving parts and blazing fast transfer speeds, I can see these drives being the future.

Product Features

Solid state drives with WD quality and reliability - Protecting your data is in our DNA. With years of experience building drives that watch over data, we understand the exacting requirements needed to keep your data safe. These SSDs are no exception. Before we put the WD brand on them, they are designed and tested in WD's Fit Lab on hundreds of systems to pass our rigorous data integrity and reliability screening.
Fast data transfer - Up to 250 MB/s read and up to 170 MB/s write transfer rates allow your system to run faster so you can work more efficiently.
SSDs for extreme conditions - Because there are no moving parts, these rugged SSDs deliver a high tolerance for shock, vibration and extreme environments. Perfect for notebook computers that live on the edge.
Low power consumption - Translates to longer battery life for portable computers.
Advanced wear-leveling - Lengthens SSD life and preserves speed with a combination of dynamic and static wear-leveling algorithms designed to overcome performance degradation that occurs as a result of continual heavy use.
TRIM command support (Windows 7) - Helps maintain the SSD's performance throughout its lifespan.
Native Command Queuing (NCQ) - Increases the performance of SATA drives by placing read/write commands in the optimal sequential order for the fastest execution.
Advanced error correction - Enables error-free data transmission by deploying advanced correction technologies to detect and correct errors.
Data integrity protection - Helps ensure data integrity and availability by preventing data loss from unexpected power loss during write operations.
Compatible - Works in any system that accepts a SATA hard drive with a standard 9.5 mm 2.5-inch form factor.

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