Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Victorinox Launches Swiss Army Flash Drive - Unhackable?

I've always thought the Swiss Army flash drives were way cool. The whole idea of a Swiss Army knife gets most geeks ready to pull out a credit card. Then came the idea of putting a jump drive in the knife and my "geek-o-meter" went off the scale. Well imagine my reaction when I learned today that the Victorinox company, makers of the Swiss Army knife, have released a new version called The Victorinox Secure Pro.

This device isn't just a flash drive in a knife like the older models were. This one has some security features that has prompted the company to offer a prize of £ 100,000 to anyone who can hack it.

The device features AES256 encryption as well as a fingerprint reader and, get this, a thermal and oxygen sensor that can tell whether the finger is still attached to its owner or not.The device will sell for £100 for an 8GB model and £245 for a 32GB model. Amazing technology and the price isn't too bad.

The only drawback for me is that the software to run it is Windows only currently.

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  1. An unhackable flash drive! That is WICKED! But what I love about this Swiss knife flash drive is the functionality. Imagine having a flash drive and a Swiss knife at the same time. And the thermal and oxygen sensor sounds cool! [Nannie Salyards]