Monday, March 22, 2010

Technology Fits and the NCAA

Every once in a while I get what I call a "technology fit". These are moments when even I'm overwhelmed by the amazing amount of technology I'm surrounded by and how easy it can make certain aspects of my life.

This weekend as March madness went into full bloom, I was delighted and sometimes blown away by how much technology has affected the NCAA Tournament.

I'm not just talking about text messaging of scores... although I was getting those. No, I'm talking about things we really take for granted but have changed how we receive and view information.

I watched several games and, thanks to my DVR, I was able to pause, rewind, and slow-motion replay whenever I felt the situation demanded it. I could have even recorded the games, though i chose not to.

Keeping track of the other games being played was easy. My iPod Touch was running the NCAA app and thanks to my wireless network, I could check stats and scores from other games without even getting up or changing the channel. The app also has a full bracket view so I could see how games were affecting the overall "bracketology"

A couple of times I had to run some errands, but no worries. The Tahoe Hybrid has XM Radio and that meant that I could listen to any game I wanted to. Sirius/XM also puts the score right there on the radio screen so I could check scores at stop lights.

Oh, and then there was the ability to Tweet about the games with friends all over the country/world by using the Twee on my Palm Pre and Twittelator on my iPod Touch.

The weekend was awesome. It was a great merger of the sports nut and geek in me. The really stunning thing was that it wasn't until Sunday night that I really began to consider how much my viewing and tracking experience has changed.

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