Thursday, March 11, 2010


I've been using ProDrive turbines for over a year now. The aftermarket replacement turbines and handpieces made by them have been a tremendous plus for both myself and my patients. In fact the January issue of Dental Products Report has my article on why I'm such a raving fan.

Now, if you are a W&H customer ProDrive is available for you as well. Here's the good news:

he first performance upgrade for W&H Synea high-speed handpieces

Montreal, March 9, 2010 – ProDrive Systems announced today the release of the W&H Synea TA96 upgrade turbine model. ProDrive’s patented turbine and bur system lock together for a noticeable increase in cut speed, control and precision. The ProDrive triangular bur shank and upgrade turbineprovide long-term, durable enhanced performance. ProDrive upgrade turbines ship with a push button back cap and a comprehensive 1-year warranty, including bearings.

“2010 is poised to be ProDrive’s breakout year. Recent new distributor agreements and extremely positive customer experiences and product reviews in national dental publications are already lining ProDrive up to be the next standard in high-speed handpieces”, said Richard St-Pierre, ProDrive Systems President and CEO. “The upgrade turbines now available for W&H Synea handpieces expand our product offering to cover more than 80% of high-speed air handpieces currently in service across North America. ProDrive will continue to launch upgrade turbines to meet the demand.”

ProDrive products are available through authorized dealers across the United States and Canada.Contact ProDrive Systems or your local dealer to experience the ProDrive difference.

About ProDrive Systems
ProDrive Systems Inc. is revolutionizing high-speed handpieces with its Triangular Bur and engaged drive Turbine System that improves the performance of dental handpieces and enhances practice efficiency. Visit for more information.

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