Monday, March 29, 2010

Lighthouseplz Keeps Us in Contact With Our Patients

One of the great things about technology is is the ability to be more efficient while increasing what you do. There are many ways in dentistry to do this. One of the best things I've seen for the administrative staff is to use Lighthouseplz.

Lighthouse keeps us in constant contact with our patient base. It interfaces with our practice operating system, Eaglesoft and frees the admin team to concentrate on other aspects of their responsibilities. We rarely do confirming phone calls anymore. Since we have patient e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers in the Eaglesoft database it's easy. Lighthouse interfaces remotely with our database and sends e-mail and mobile phone messages to confirm appointments.

That alone is pretty cool, but Lighthouse also works the process in reverse as well. By interfacing with Eaglesoft, when a patient electronically confirms, Lighthouse goes into Eaglesoft and marks their appointment as confirmed in the software. The admin team doesn't have to do anything! The appointments simply show up in the schedule as "confirmed".

Lighthouse also sends out patient satisfaction surveys, newsletters, and much more. For the full story, check out their website. You'll be glad you did.

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