Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eaglesoft 16.0 Beta Test

As I usually do, I'm beta testing the next version of Eaglesoft. This release promised some updates to the front desk that should be welcome to most users.

I did the install of the new software Monday evening and while it was time consuming, every workstation updated without a problem. I noticed this version taking a bit longer to install, but that's the way it goes frequently when more than just cosmetic changes are being made.

One recommendation I can make to anyone installing a program on multiple computers on a network. Rather than going from machine to machine with a CD, copy the CD to your server or a speedy workstation and then do the installation across the network. This allows you to have several computers updating at the same time. It's also handy in case you cant' find your original installation CD. You can always go back to the copy on the server and install from that just as if you had the CD.

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