Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dentsply Algin-X Ultra is the New Alginate Alternative

At the recent Chicago Midwinter Meeting, I tweeted about the announcement by Dentsply of their new alginate replacement Algin-X Ultra. I was fortunate enough to be at the Dentsply Fellowship when it was announced and I asked if it was for public dissemination. When I was told "yes" I grabbed my Pre and someone in the back of the room shouted out "he's going to put it on Twitter!" This is a great time to be a writer. Between the magazine, this blog, and Twitter I can get so much more info to my readers than I've ever been able to before.

Anyway, back to Algin-X Ultra. The material is a PVS that handles very much like a light to light medium body material. It's spearmint flavored and comes in either 50ml automix cartridges or 380ml cartridges for mixing in Penta type units. Our personal preference has been for the Penta mixing as it's just so much easier.

The material is very accurate and the best part is the fact that it is a PVS. This means it maintains dimensional stability for 14 days and that it can be used for multiple pours with no drawbacks.

We've been using it for study models, sports mouthguards, and as the preliminary impression for fixed prosthetic provisionals and have been very pleased with its handling and results. It's available now through your favorite dental supplier. Mine, of course, is Goetze Dental here in the Midwest.


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