Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Death of Healozone Confirmed

Today I spent some time chasing down the rumor and it was confirmed. Kavo has ceased Healozone distribution worldwide for a variety of reasons. No specifics, but it looks like ozone use in the US is pretty much at a standstill now...


  1. John,

    Did they give you the reasons?

  2. I was told there were many reasons including regulatory issues, but nothing overtly specific.

  3. Just spoken with Prof Ed Lynch who confirms this. Curozone, the original manufacturers report that parts and service are avaialble. Lime's CMU3 Technology is still avaialable as a viable alternative - contact Dr Julian Holmes on drjulianholmes@gmail.com for further details

  4. Hi John, I will be presenting new research on the use of ozone in dental implants at the 6th International Ozone Conference in Cuba in June this year. Essentially, we showed increased bone maturity around dental implants at 8 weeks compared to the controls. I will be also presenting the possible role of ozone for HIV patients in a trial that was run in Uganda.

    Regards, Julian

  5. John, taken from teh Curozone www site


    regards, Julian