Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Ravages of Oral Cancers

I salute Roger Ebert, film critic, who allowed Esquire Magazine to take and publish the above photograph to show just what oral cancers can do.

Those of us in the oral health care field know of the terrible things the disease can do, but to most people, it's a very rare thing. It's rare, only because we don't discuss it. Dentists and hygienists are always looking for ways to detect this disease at an earlier stage. Whether it be by devices from Trimira, LED Dental, or ViziLite we in dentistry are trying to do all we can to find and prevent this disease.

CNN has a great article on Ebert and the NBA's George Karl. Make sure to read it.


  1. Hi John -- Great recognition. I speak for LED and an amazing article I quote is a study done a few years ago. When asked if their dentist or hygienist did an oral cancer screening exam, only 15% of patients said they had it done. I always ask audiences how many of their offices do the screening exam --- 100% say they do. What a disconnect. That's what garrison Keilor calls the Lake Wobegon Effect. Barry Polansky

  2. John,

    I saw this a few days again about Roger and how generous of him to help spread the word about Oral Cancer. Having lost a a brother to Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma, this is a painful reminder that Oral Cancer screening is so important today.

    I remember an article from last year at that mentioned " Published studies show that currently less than 15% of those who visit a dentist regularly, report having had an oral cancer screening...." I can only hope those numbers have increased today because as the article states " It is important that both private individuals, and members of the dental community, realize that a visit to the dentist is no longer about a filling, a crown, or a postponable cleaning, but is actually a matter of life and death. Dental examinations, when properly done and which include a screening for oral cancer, will save lives.... "

    Well said indeed. Thanks John for bring this up...