Monday, February 8, 2010

A Germanium Laser may Boost Storage and Computer Speeds

God bless the brains at MIT. The number of tech wonders they've developed stuns the imagination. Now there are reports of a developed Germanium laser that might very well change computing as we know it.

It seems that as processors and bandwidth get faster and faster, the big slowdown in our systems is the bulky, heat generating, and power hungry copper that moves the electrons around in our electronics. This is looking like the next bottleneck that will have to be overcome to increase computing speeds.

Well, MIT may very well have solved the bottleneck with the development of this laser. It seems that the laser might actually be able to be fabricated directly onto chips when they are manufactured. Imagine a computer chip with its own built-in laser! This would allow things to move around the computer at the speed of light with very little added heat.

There's no word on a timetable for deployment, but it's little discoveries like this that can often mean big changes and advancement on down the road.

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