Saturday, January 23, 2010

YouMail Now has Facebook Interface

As most of you know, I'm a big fan of YouMail. The Internet based voicemail system is a great product which I recommend highly.

Now, if you have a Facebook account, YouMail will grab the photos of your contacts and apply it to your YouMail messages. Sweet!

Oh, and Twitter interface is coming soon...


  1. Hi John,
    i am one of your RSS Subscribers and really enjoy your blog! Thankyou for taking the time,
    Warren B
    The Everything Dental Guy
    Success in Dentistry and Life!

  2. Thanks Warren. It really is a labor of love. As long as I've been writing for DPR, I'd always wanted to be able to write something that could be read as soon as I wrote and could be commented on, discussed, etc. Finally the Internet made that a reality and the blog has become such a great way for me to immediately get out info and receive feedback.

    Thanks for subscribing and reading. It's nice to know that my efforts and providing usable info for others.