Friday, January 8, 2010

Wellcore Unveils New Exercise and Monitoring System for Seniors

Wellcore has developed a system that allows seniors to track fitness, but the double benefit is that the system also works as an automated alarm system in case of falls etc.

The pager sized device is shown in its charger above. It is worn by the user and sends info wireless out to a secure webpage indicating number of steps taken as well as other data. If the user falls, caregivers are notified. It seems like a very nice system for those with seniors in their lives. Here is the press release:

January 6, 2010 - Wellcore Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based company dedicated to developing solutions that promote wellness, safety and security, unveiled today the most advanced, intuitive and affordable Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (M-PERS) product available for seniors who want to stay safe and live more active, independent lives. Utilizing motion detection and advanced pattern recognition, the patent-pending Wellcore System offers automatic fall detection, online monitoring, and text-to-speech messaging. The Wellcore System will be available for pre-orders from on February 18, 2010 and via retail e- commerce sites and stores in March 2010.

The Wellcore System can distinguish falls from other types of motion with unprecedented accuracy. In the event help is needed, Wellcore automatically sends emergency services and alerts designated caregivers and family. Traditional Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) require users to push a button, do not indicate whether the device is being worn, and only work inside the home. The Wellcore product summons help with or without the push of a button, reminds the wearer to put it on, and works anywhere -- including outside of the home -- in conjunction with a Wellcore-compatible cell phone.

“The revolution that is happening in the caregiving marketplace today has the momentum of the Internet in the 1990’s and Wellcore has brought together the expertise to drive the change and innovation needed,” said Mary Furlong, a Wellcore advisory board member and founder of SeniorNet (1986), ThirdAge Media (1996) and Mary Furlong and Associates (2002). “Fall detection is one of the most important aspects of enabling seniors to live independently and age in place, and there is no better company at fall detection technology than the team at Wellcore.”
The Wellcore product provides seniors and caregivers with a superior solution for wellness and safety offering the following benefits:

• Detects falls automatically and sends help in an emergency. Wellcore distinguishes falls from other types of motion with unprecedented accuracy—all without having to press a button. When a fall is automatically detected, a Wellcore specialist contacts the wearer to assess the level of urgency. If an emergency is determined or there is no response, Wellcore sends emergency services and alerts designated caregivers and family. The button can also be pressed at any time to initiate the same immediate response.

• Asks to be worn when forgotten. When forgotten, Wellcore sends friendly reminders through the base unit, asking to be worn, and a notification appears on the online dashboard. If the sensor is left unworn for an extended period of time, an email message is sent to a designated caregiver or family member.

• Monitors activity and provides an online dashboard for at-a-glance reassurance. Accessible 24/7, a password-protected dashboard tracks motion and learns daily patterns over time, highlighting significant changes when they occur. The dashboard also displays notifications and alerts concerning everyday activity and safety.

• Delivers messages to stay connected. Text messages created on the online dashboard are converted to voice and played on the base unit, similar to voice messages on an answering machine.

• Protects on the go-not just at home for a safe, active lifestyle. When paired with a Wellcore-compatible cell phone, Wellcore allows 24/7 protection anywhere within the cell phone’s coverage range. When a fall is detected, the cell phone summons emergency responders to the exact location of the fall using the cell phone’s GPS, and caregivers are alerted.

• Innovative design. Made of brushed aluminum, the Wellcore device and base unit feature contemporary design from one of the world’s most renowned industrial designers, Dr. Hartmut Esslinger, founder frog design. Unlike other Personal Emergency Response devices, the Wellcore solution is stylish as well as waterproof.

“An intuitive and affordable product to help seniors -- with or without known health problems --safely remain independent and active is long overdue,” said Wellcore founder and chief executive officer Vijay Nadkarni. “At Wellcore, we know that simple, effective technology can help seniors actively improve safety and wellness, while ensuring that they get the right level of care wherever, whenever they need it. With the Wellcore System, seniors can live independently and their families and caregivers will know that they’re safe and secure.”

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