Saturday, January 16, 2010

McDonald's Announces Free Wi-Fi

A couple of years ago (I think) McDonald's made an effort to go after business customers with the the idea of Wi-Fi in their restaurants. They had decided on a "pay as you go" plan that basically allowed a user to connect for 2 hours for $2.95. Their hope was to grab business folks on the road who needed to get some work done while they grabbed a quick bite.

Now I'm not a huge McDonald's fan, but I do eat eat there and I honestly can't remember seeing someone with a laptop there when I was. Be that as it may, the company has now announced that Wi-Fi is now free at the 11,500 restaurants that feature the service.

The company had announced the free service, but no one knew when. The magic date was 1-15-10, so enjoy. You deserve a break today!

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