Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking for a way to give your desktop a facelift?

If you are a Windows user and are looking for a way to give your desktop a new look on a regular basis, take a look at Wallpaper Juggler.

It will access a folder you designate on a schedule you determine and replace your wallpaper with one of the others stored in the designated folder... automatically. Now you have no excuse to just sit there with the same wallpaper you've had for the last year. And yes, that includes me.

Here are some of the features:


  1. It runs in background and can be controlled from System Tray.
  2. It can be configured to
    1. start with Windows.
    2. look for wallpapers in multiple folders including/excluding subfolders. Best results when used with matching resolution wallpapers.
    3. change wallpaper once every preferred duration between 1 min and 500 hrs. It will understand "000 Hrs/Mins 000 Min" format. It can interpret M/Min/Mins/Minutes and H/Hr/Hrs/Hour as Minutes and Hours respectively.
    4. confirm before changing wallpaper.
    5. adjust image positioning for odd size wallpapers.
  3. You can also change wallpaper manually by clicking 'Juggle Now' menu or double clicking the icon.
  4. It allows only one instance at a time.
  5. It also displays the last updated wallpaper and the time stamp when the next change will occur.
  6. "Active" option to enable/disable wallpaper juggling while program is running.
  7. Last changed wallpaper is a clickable menu which opens the wallpaper in windows explorer.
  8. It downloads stunning wallpapers from interfaceLIFT.com and WallpaperStock.com using "Download Wallpapers" screen.

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