Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LaCie Shows new Key Drives at CES

The USB jump drive has become pretty ubiquitous the last few years. What was once a novelty and a fairly pricey luxury to have in your pocket, is now as common as a key ring. And speaking of key rings, there are a lot of people that keep a USB drive on their key ring as a way to have health info, travel info, or "just in case" storage in case someone needs to give you a copy of important info.

My buddy Marty Jablow has been carrying one with his keys for as long as I can remember. The only thing he's found cumbersome about it is the form factor. Many jump drives are rather thick rectangles and take up a good chunk of ring and pocket real estate.

To that end, I'm sure Marty will soon be sporting one of these sweet new drives from LaCie. They are specifically designed to be on your key ring and have a developed form factor that lets them blend in with the other keys. They are the the LaCie CooKey and LaCie WhizKey.

The CooKey is the round version while the WhizKey is the more angled. Both come in capacities of 4, 8 16, and 32GB ranging in price from $20 to $100. A great idea in a better form. I hope Marty gets me one when he orders!


  1. I will order one for each of us? Just how big?

  2. I'm partial to the top of the line, but you know I've got champagne tastes!