Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kodak Shows new Cameras at CES

I'm never sure about poor Kodak. They no longer really exist in the dental world, having sold their medical and dental divisions to a Canadian company called Onex a few years ago. Although the company is still called Kodak, that's in name only. It's actually called "Kodak Dental Systems by Carestream Health". That's been a good thing as the "new" Kodak has shown innovation and good customer service.

Both the dental division before the selloff and the remaining real Kodak company were terribly short sighted back in the early days of digital imaging. They clung to the film model way too long and failed to think that digital imaging would spell the end of film based imaging systems.

Kodak Slice.jpg

During the Consumer Electronics Show, Kodak has been showing some new cameras, catering more to the point & shoot consumer market. The first is the Slice. It is a point and shoot that features 14MP sensor that will also shoot 720p video. It's a bit pricey at $350, but that's up to the buyer to determine.

Kodak Playsport.jpg

The Playsport is an interesting product. It is a tiny handheld video camera that shoots video in 1080p. Probably the coolest feature is that it's waterproof to a depth of 3m which should make for some fun times at the beach. It has HDMI out and also an SD card slot if you need more memory. At a cost of $140, this looks to be a product to watch.

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