Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kerr Introduces Self-Adhering Composite: Vertise Flow

The world of composites has seen some pretty impressive changes in the last couple of years. I think we're well on our way to a more simplistic placement regimen both now and in the future. Kerr is the latest to preview a new product with their self etching Vertise Flow. Read all about it:

ORANGE, CA – January 1, 2009 – Introducing Vertise™ Flow, Kerr’s first self-adhering flowable composite. Kerr has become a leader in resin restorative dentistry due to decades of advancements in composites and expertise in adhesives―both of which come together in Vertise Flow. The self-adhering flowable composite technology eliminates the need for a separate bonding application step with composites for direct restorative procedures. Powered by Kerr’s renowned OptiBond® adhesive technology, this product will greatly simplify the direct restorative procedure for today’s time-challenged dentist by incorporating the bonding agent into the flowable, a distinguishing feature that sets Vertise Flow apart from competitors.

Product Manager Mikhanh Pham said, “Vertise Flow’s incorporated adhesive creates a tenacious bond to tooth structure and protects against microleakage. Bond strengths to dentin and enamel are comparable to other self-etch adhesives.” Vice President of Research and Development David Tobia explains the technology further. “GPDM is a unique molecular entity containing a phosphate group that bonds to the calcium in the hydroxyapatite, and a methacrylate functionality that bonds to the monomers in the resin matrix. Thus, GPDM, with its dual chemical roles, is the glue that affords Vertise Flow its unique properties.” Clinical studies through independent research validate low microleakage and high bond strengths and are available for viewing on the company website.

Clinicians have remarked that Vertise Flow could impact the dental profession in a way that could be industry-changing. To view clinician endorsements and to learn more about this new product go to kerrdental.com/vertiseflow.

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