Friday, January 29, 2010

iTero Continues to Impress... Digitally

We are two weeks into our time with the Cadent iTero. The experience has been a good one with the staff taking to it with a minimum of effort and the patient's have been both impressed with the technology and the elimination of the vinylpolyether impression material. They are also fascinated with the technology and love to watch the case take shape on the screen.

We've found that the workflow has actually improved our scheduling and creates more available "doctor time" to see emergencies or to spend more time with other patients.

Of course all of that means nothing if the end result is not a quality restoration for the patient. I've heard good things from other users and the science makes perfect sense to me, but the proof is in the clinical results. Today we cemented our first iTero crown. It was an upper left second molar and of all the teeth dentists treat, second molars are one of the most difficult simply because it's difficult to get the bite exactly right. Today, the process from removal of provisional to final cement was 5-7 minutes. The margins were perfect, the contact was just the way I like them, and the occlusion needed two tiny adjustments. The patient was thrilled that it was so easy.

Now I know it's only one case, but the result is what I've been hearing from lots of iTero fans. Basically the cementation appointments are easy and routine.

I'll be reporting back on the device as we get more cases to completion and if there are problems, you'll know about them. So far though, the process has been exactly what the folks at Cadent said it would be. That's pretty impressive.

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