Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Iomega StorCenter

You can never have enough storage... right? Well, for years, Iomega has been fairly synonymous with storage. The device above is one of their latest devices, the StorCenter. It comes in various models, but is basically a RAID device that stores and can be accessed across your network.

I could drone on about it, but I'll just share some of the info from Iomega themselves. When you're done reading the specs, I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I was when I stumbled across this device. If only it could also make coffee...


  • Easy file sharing, data backup and print serving from any networked Windows® PC, Mac or Linux workstation.
  • RAID Support—: RAID 5 and RAID 10 - all with automatic RAID rebuild. JBOD mode also available.
  • Network File Protocols Supported
    • Microsoft (CIFS/SMB/Rally)
    • Linux/UNIX (NFS)
    • Apple File Protocal (AFP) and Bonjour support
    • FTP
    • HTTP
    • HTTPS
    • SNMP
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet—Connectivity with Jumbo frame support and high performance embedded architecture.
  • iSCSI Target—Provides block-level access for the most efficient storage utilization, especially for database and email application performance. It can be used in parallel with file-level storage access via CIFS/NFS.
  • LCD Screen—A small front panel display provides quick information on the status of the StorCenter ix4-200d.
  • Remote Access—Connect securely from anywhere in the world and get full access to the pictures, videos, files and administration of the StorCenter ix4-200d through a personalized web address.
  • Active Directory Support—Functions as a client member in an Active Directory domain allowing the StorCenter ix4-200d to utilize the domain users and groups.
  • Replication / Device to Device Copy Jobs—
    • Define your policy to copy/synchronize files to and from the StorCenter ix4-200d to any other NAS or USB attached storage device using Rsync technology, without the need for a client computer.
    • Schedule jobs to run on a predetermined schedule
    • One touch copying via the QuikTransfer button.
  • Folder Quotas—Easily manage capacity by setting maximum limits per user folder.
  • Expandability
    • Add storage capacity by connecting external USB Hard Disk Drives. The ix4 supports read and write on Fat32, NTFS or ext2/ext3, or HFS+ formatted drives
  • Print Server—Intelligent print sharing capability for up to 3 USB printers directly connected to the StorCenter ix4-200d.
  • Security Camera—Connect up to 5 Axis® network security cameras and the StorCenter ix4-200d captures and stores video without the need of a dedicated PC
  • VMWare® Certified—HCL certified NAS (NFS) and iSCSI storage for VMware.
  • Power Savings—Automatic hard drive spin-down. 2TB & 4TB SKUs come with low power consumption "green" Hard Disk Drives.
  • Time Machine®—Support lets Apple® users easily backup any Mac computers running OS X (10.5 or later) using Time Machine.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Support—Enables unattended system shutdown via the USB port without data loss in the case of power failure.
  • System Dashboard—consolidates information on space utilization, device, peripheral, and backup status.
  • Reporting—Email alerts, SNMP agent monitoring and Event Logging help IT administrators centrally manage the StorCenter ix4-200d
  • UPnP™ DLNA Certified® AV Media Server—Able to stream photos, audio content and videos to a variety of media devices like game consoles (Microsoft Xbox® 360, Sony PlayStation® 3), audio bridges, iTunes™ players, picture frames, etc.
  • Photo Slideshow—Integrated utility based on the Cooliris™ technology for quick browsing (3D thumbnails) and sharing of pictures stored on the StorCenter ix4-200d to both local and remote users.
  • Torrent Download Manager—The StorCenter ix4-200d manages peer-to-peer file transfers without the need of a dedicated PC.
  • Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)—No touch, automatic transfer of photos from digital cameras via the USB port.
  • Bluetooth® Upload—Upload contacts, photos, and more from a cell phone, pocket PC or BlackBerry phone (Bluetooth USB adapter required, sold separately)
  • Total Data Protection—
    • EMC® Retrospect® Express Backup Software (unlimited client licenses). Professional-level client backup for all your critical data.
    • Iomega QuikProtect™ Software for effortlessly synchronizing files between the clients and the StorCenter ix4-200d
    • Robust username and password authorized access
    • RAID 5 or RAID 10 assures data integrity if a drive fails
    • RSA® BSAFE® technology protects installs and upgrades
  • Simple to use—
    • Easy configuration in a four step setup process
    • Management via user friendly web-based interface
    • Accessible in any of the 11 supported languages (concurrently from different clients)
  • Software Compatibility—Compatible with today's most common backup software titles, web browsers, media devices and computers
  • Software Included—EMC® Retrospect® Express Backup Software (Unlimited client licenses), Iomega QuikProtect Software and StorCenter Manager

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