Friday, January 15, 2010

iGo can let You go green with the Power Smart Wall

I like the products from iGo. I have their mobile charging system and take it with me whenever and wherever I travel. As you probably know by now, I'm also really making an effort to be greener in most things I do, so when I saw this product, I thought it would be a good one to mention.

Most of us don't know this, but devices plugged into AC power outlets for charging continue to consume power even after reaching a full charge status. Of course what this means is a continuous unneeded use of power. To prevent this, the Power Smart Wall senses when charging has stopped and shuts down the outlet, thus saving power. The device plugs into a normal 2 outlet receptacle and uses that to power itself. It also has 2 other outlets (for a total of 4) that don't power down so that you can still use devices that always need power.

Here are the specs and a link to the website:

Energy saving wall module with integrated iGo Green™ Technology automatically reduces wasted standby power by up to 85%. Plug in your computer and other devices to save power without the hassle of unplugging your devices.

Features and Benefits
• 2 outlets using iGo Green™ Technology – automatically powers down outlets
when not in use and powers back up again when devices need power – reducing
standby power by up to 85%
• 2 always-on outlets for devices requiring continuous power
• Instant On button for immediate power up of managed outlets
• Wall-mounted design ideal for home/offi ce/kitchen use
• Learning mode optimizes iGo Green Technology for your needs

• 4 outlets – 2 always-on, 2 with iGo Green Technology
• Surge protection with LED indicator
• Surge Protection LED indicator
• Surge Protection Rating: 1080 joules

Package Contents
• Power Smart Wall surge protector unit

Product Specifications
3.54 x 5.19 x 2.92” (90 x 130 x 74 mm)

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