Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ClearCorrect™ Showcases its Invisible Aligner Alternative During Yankee Dental Congress® Debut

ClearCorrect continues to make inroads in the clear aligner business of invisible orthodontics. Now, to correspond with the Yankee Dental Meeting, they're making the following announcement:

Dentists Who Register as ClearCorrect Providers will Receive a 50% Discount on
Their First Case After Attending a Full-Day CE Workshop in Boston

Houston, TX – January 18, 2010 – ClearCorrect™, Inc., the clear alternative in advanced and affordable transparent orthodontic aligners, otherwise known as invisible braces, will be exhibiting at this year’s Yankee Dental Congress® from January 28 – 30, 2010 at booth # 2130.

According to ClearCorrect founder and prominent cosmetic dentist Dr. Willis Pumphrey, "We’re kicking off 2010 at Yankee to introduce the ClearCorrect transparent aligner system to New England dentists looking for an affordable clear alternative to braces without annual case submission requirements.”
While at the Yankee Dental Congress®, ClearCorrect will be running a special promotion in which newly-registered dentists receive 50% off their first case after attending a full-day, CE-accredited workshop scheduled for February 13 at The Marriott Courtyard Boston Logan Airport. “We’re doing our utmost to ensure that our newly-registered New England dentists are well prepared to provide their patients with the most advanced and affordable clear braces available,” explained Dr. Pumphrey.
The company closed 2009 by more than doubling the overall size of its Houston Headquarters and tripling its dedicated manufacturing footage, due to increased demand. “Since Q4 2009, we’ve been consistently registering more and more dentists every week, and so to stay ahead of the curve, we already have plans underway to again double the size of our facilities,” stated Dr. Pumphrey.

The reasons why many dentists have made the invisible aligner switch to ClearCorrect include the following:


• No mid-course correction fees
• No refinement fees
• Enhanced treatment control
• Easier to understand and shorter runway to proficiency
• Developed by leading dentists in clear aligner orthodontics
• Lower lab fees
• All treatment products include initial retention at no extra charge
• More affordable option for dentists and patients
• Superior training
• Responsive customer service

ClearCorrect’s exponential growth continues to be fueled by its focus on educating the profession, rather than the consumer, in an effort to build relationships with orthodontists and general dentists, who will in turn recommend the clinical and financial advantages of ClearCorrect to their patients. For more information on becoming a ClearCorrect provider, visit http://www.clearcorrect.com/doctors/becomeaprovider.html.

About ClearCorrect, Inc.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ClearCorrect was founded by dentists to serve the dental and orthodontic industries by providing a superior and more affordable clear aligner system. The highly sophisticated ClearCorrect treatment delivery system and corresponding aligner products are based on years of research and clinical experience. Cutting-edge technological advances and advanced treatment expertise, coupled with comprehensive marketing and sales support, make ClearCorrect the premier clear aligner solution of choice for informed dentists and patients. The company’s modern, needs-based approach for serving doctors and patients has earned it a leadership position within the dental industry. For information about ClearCorrect, the company and its products, please visit www.ClearCorrect.com or call 1-888-331-3323.

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  1. Too bad not a lot of people could have attended that. Well, it is still a good thing that there are now a lot of dental continuing education programs that people can take up online. They wouldn't have to worry about the location or the schedule of this courses as they are self paced and that they can take it up at the comfort of their own homes.