Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apple's Tablet to take Aim at Health Care?

For at least of couple of years there have been repeated rumors of some type of tablet device in the works at Apple. Every big Apple announcement has caused speculation that "this time" it will be the tablet.

Well, something's going to be announced soon and almost everyone seems to think that finally this is the time.

The rumored device is a bit of a guess. It will probably be more than a big iPod and less than a full laptop. That may leave the target market a bit on the slim side. After all if you have to carry it like a laptop, why not just have a laptop.

However, umors are really swirling this time about a potential deal with Cedars-Sinai hospital that will put Apple smack dab in the health care market. Dentistry has always had some Mac programs for practice management, but with 95% of the world running Windows, the market penetration has been light. Perhaps this might create more of a tipping point for health care in general.

Of course all of that depends on the simple problem that first their must be an Apple tablet to start with. Here's hoping it's finally time.

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