Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Apple & iTunes in the Cloud?

There are quite a few Apple rumors floating around these days. The biggest, of course, is the pending January 27th meeting where everyone seems to think the Apple Tablet will be announced. However, another juicy rumor that's been making the rounds is that of an upcoming enhancement to iTunes that will move users access "to the cloud".

It seems that Apple has been secretly talking to the major record labels about an idea they have of allowing users to stream their iTunes libraries. The idea is a free service that would let users upload their libraries to a secure server that could be accessed from any computer and would let users stream this library. Basically you would have access to listen to your music anywhere you had a computer with Internet access.

Of course, adding to the speculation is the fact that Apple purchased the online streaming company LaLa last year. This would give them a huge amount of help with the program since online streaming is what LaLa was/is designed to do.

There is even speculation that you'll see an "upload" button built into iTunes in a not too distant update. The rumors say the service could begin as early as this spring.

Personally, I'd love this. While there are ways to do this now, none of them are as easy and integrated as having it in the software lots of us are using for managing our media anyway. It would also be a nice way for those of you who don't back up as often as you should.

Here's hoping it happens sooner as opposed to later.

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