Friday, January 22, 2010

Amazon to Open up Kindle to Developers

Well the rumors continue to swirl that Apple will be announcing some type of tablet next week. If that doesn't happen, a lot of people will have posted about it in vain but...

Since Amazon's Kindle e-book reader is a sort of a tablet, this week in what might be a tip of the hand, Amazon announced they are opening up the Kindle to developers that will allow them to develop apps for the reader.

Now, you're not going to get "Slingshot Cowboy" or anything like that. The Kindle has a poky processor and is made to read text, not render graphics at high speed, but I can see all kinds of puzzle games and other things that would just give users more to do with the device.

I don't see this as a direct shot at Apple. Amazon has an iPhone app that allows Kindle book reading on Apple hardware. No, I think this is more about giving people more to do with Kindle. The whole idea of the Kindle is to keep people buying books from Amazon (and only Amazon) so this makes sense to me.

Also, as a Kindle owner, I can hardly wait to see what comes out of this. I'm always looking for a way to waste time in airports!

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