Monday, December 21, 2009

Kindle Continues to Sell like Hotcakes and Amazon has a Special Deal for Christmas!

The Amazon Kindle was the first really successful ebook reader. There were others that tried, but when the Kindle came along, it was an instant blazing success. There are currently challenges and competition, which is good. Competition keeps companies from getting lax about their product and their customer base.

To that end, most people can no longer get their hands on the Sony readers or the Barnes & Noble Nook. They are sold out all over. So the good folks at Amazon decided to take advantage of the shortage.

Amazon has announced they have a great supply of Kindles and, here's the good part, they are offering a great sale for the Christmas season. You can get a Kindle for $259 and get expedited two day shipping. If you haven't gotten that special gift for someone, this is it. Even if you are a procrastinator, 2 day shipping means you can have it on Christmas eve if you order is this Tuesday. Is that great or what?

Amazon has also announced that the Kindle set a new sales record in November. They have also stated that the Kindle is the number one selling gift on Amazon. So what are you waiting for?

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