Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IDC Makes 2010 Predictions - Bullish on Apple Tablet

Think tank/research firm IDC has come out with some predictions for 2010. I really like IDC. They have their finger on the pulse of the tech sector and can be counted on for some insightful predictions and recommendations.

What I find really interesting about this years predictions in the following regarding the oft rumored Apple Tablet: "This year, however, we predict that Apple will finally introduce this new device family, which is more of an oversized (8in., 10in.) iPod Touch than a downsized Mac -- and if you look at the developer energy around the iPhone/Touch platform, this should be no surprise at all," IDC claimed. "This prediction is a no-brainer: there's enormous appeal in sizing up the iPhone/Touch for a variety of applications and activities that people already use those devices for but would jump at the chance to have a larger screen -- watching videos/movies, reading books/magazines/newspapers (it would take a big bite from the Kindle), surfing the Web, videophone, and online gaming. Look for Apple's "iPad" by year-end 2010. Oh, and don't be surprised to see Microsoft also announce its own device in this space."

Now, from a user standpoint, I own a Tablet PC and I also own an iPod Touch. If I could have the ease of use and the design forethought of the Touch combined with a "real" computer like the Tablet PC, I'd be an incredibly happy camper. I don't use the Tablet PC as my main portable device, but it's incredibly handy at meetings and seminars where I need to take notes and still have a computer handy.

If Apple can come up with something like that, and not just a bigger Touch, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. While I think a large Touch would be marketable, what I want is computing horsepower in that form factor and not just a bigger screen for a weaker device.

BTW, for those of you old enough to remember, today is the day that John Lennon was assassinated. It's a very sad day for me still...

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