Friday, November 13, 2009

Palm Updates WebOS to 1.3.1

For those of you who are using a Palm Pre or Pixi, there is a new update for the WebOS that runs these devices. Here is the lowdown from the folks at Palm:

If you use a Palm Pre on the Sprint or Bell networks, you'll be getting an automatic over-the-air update to webOS 1.3.1. (Ditto for folks picking up a Palm Pixi on Sunday.)

With this update, your Yahoo! information (such as contacts and calendar events, and messaging) is now integrated with Palm Synergy, along with info from your Outlook EAS, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn accounts. If you use Yahoo! to manage your contacts and calendar events, it will be integrated into your Contacts and Calendar applications on your Palm Pre. On Sprint, you can also now use Yahoo! IM in the webOS Messaging app. For specifics about webOS on your carrier, check the release notes for Sprint here and Bell here.

In your email, you'll also see improved formatting in forwarded messages and find several new shortcuts for common actions such as marking messages as unread. And with webOS 1.3.1, you can now forward and copy individual text messages and IM messages, a feature request we heard from many of you (we welcome your input at

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