Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Pair of Holiday Ideas from Epocrates

The good folks at Epocrates have put together 2 offers for those on your healthcare "nice" list.

The first is a brand spanking new handheld with a whole bunch of types to choose from. Epocrates and pdaMD have partnered to offer a way that you can get a new state of the art device and have it come fully loaded with Epocrates software. Here are all the details.

The second offer is for those in group practices that would like to offer Epocrates to anyone who wants it. Discoutns are available on Epocrates premium products for hospitals, schools, residency programs, medical groups, and government agencies. Your group can even save up to an additional 10% when you mention the Epocrates Holiday promotion through December 15! Here are all the details.

As far as those who are on your "naughty" list, might I suggest a nice, thick, heavy, out of date... book.

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