Thursday, November 5, 2009

In Case You handn't Noticed, It's a Mobile World Now

In case you have been in a pasta induced comma for the last 2 years, Apple's iPhone has pretty much taken over the mobile phone world. The iPhone is easily the most popular handheld communication device on the planet, bring untold revenues and riches to AT&T and Apple.

However, there are others that are getting their fair share of revenue from the iPhone as well. One of the big players in now Pizza Hut. According to MobileMarketer, the Pizza Hut iPhone app has generated $1,000,000 in sales in the 3 months since its release.

That's right... Pizza Hut created an app that allows customers to create and order pizza directly from their iPhone, and they've sold over a million dollars worth of product with it! The free app is downloaded and installed over the network and then the customer has all the tools at their mobile fingertips to order and then have it delivered or picked up.

This is a great example of technology meeting an untapped demand. Kudos to Pizza Hut. Now about that Palm Pre app...

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