Monday, November 23, 2009

Imation Now Selling Wireless USB Hard Drive

This is one of the coolest things I've come across lately that can be useful for any high tech office/individual. The device pictured above is a wireless hard drive that only communicates to the USB dongle attached to the computer. Your computer sees the drive, but no one else with wireless capability can, so it's similar to having a USB drive wired to your computer.

It's also fast with a transfer speed of 15MBs/second! The price isn't bad either. The 1.5Tb drive is $449.99. Here is all the info from Imiation:

Built on Imation’s award-winning platform of external hard drive products, the Imation Pro WX drive is the world’s first Wireless USB external hard drive. Offering the convenience of fast data transfer rates, speed and capacity required in today’s graphics and data intensive environments, the Imation Pro WX hard drive provides 1.5TB of storage capacity to backup your important files, gain additional storage space, and experience the convenience of wireless products.

With a fast Wireless USB data transfer rate of up to 15MBs/second, you can back up a typical CD in under fifty seconds, and store up to 300,000 of your photos or 750 hours of video. Inherent in its Wireless USB technology, the Pro WX Wireless hard drive offers an innovative one-to-one connection that limits the possibility of signal interception and securely backs up data whenever it is in range up to 30 feet, similar to a direct attached storage device.

The Imation Pro WX Wireless USB hard drive comes complete with an integrated stand for vertical or horizontal orientation; low capacity/data activity indicator lights for easy identification of data processes with built-in sleep mode for energy conservation; and one-touch, backup sync buttons for easy-to-use automatic backup of your important data, photos, music and videos.

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