Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grey Market Sales Taken on by GC

The grey market for dental products has been a growing problem for several years. Dealers or individuals find product that should be sold in other areas and sell it where they shouldn't. This can lead to expired products being used and a host of other problems as detailed by my friend the Dental Insider. Now GC is doing something about it:

Alsip, Illinois-based GC America is the exclusive licensee of Trademark Holdings of Illinois in connection with a variety of well-known brands including MI Paste, KALORE, GC FUJI, EXAFAST and many others. Using the Tariff Act, a federal statute designed to prevent the unauthorized importation, distribution and dealing in products bearing U.S. trademark registrations, Trademark Holdings of Illinois brought suit against AR Dental in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, and King's Two Dental Supply in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. In each case, the defendant entered into a consent judgment enjoining its sale, distribution or importation of unauthorized GC products.

“Trademark Holdings of Illinois has performed a great service,” said John O'Neill, Vice President - Sales of GC America. “These suits have demonstrated that these actions are wrong, and that the illegal importation of GC branded products can be stopped.”

GC America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of GC Corporation, is a worldwide market leader in the manufacture and sale of dental materials and supplies. The company, based in Alsip, Illinois, sells a number of well-known products in the dental marketplace, including items sold under the trademarks GC FUJICEM, GC FUJI PLUS, GC FUJI IX EXTRA, GC FUJI II LC, KALORE, EXA’LENCE, G-CEM, GC FUJI ORTHO, EXAMIX, EXAFAST, EXAFLEX, GC FUJI I, GC FUJI II, GC FUJI LINING, MIRACLE MIX and many others.

Trademark Holdings of Illinois, LLC is based in Naperville, Illinois.

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  1. Pointing a finger at the manufacturer as being the responsible party for gray market is a bit short sited … The industry as a whole is to blame.Unfortunately, as long as there are buyers this “gray market” will not go away.
    Dentist India