Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fiatlux Announces Their Visualize Software is Now Available for Free Download!

3D imaging is changing the practice of dentistry. I'm routinely doing cone beam scans on many of my patients using my Gendex CB-500 and am grateful for the amount of info I get from the scans.

If you own a machine, viewing the scans is easy since the device will come with software, but if you don't own a machine and still want to view scans, you need software. In my case, any scan that I burn to a CD and send to a referring doctor will automatically have a copy of iCat Vision software burned onto the CD along with the scan, it's just the way my system works.

However, if you aren't lucky enough to have that type of situation, you'll still need software. There are lots of good packages on the market, but most are expensive. Don't get me wrong I don't begrudge software companies charging for their products, they deserve to be compensated. However, if you don't view a lot of scans, spending lots of money may not be the smartest business decision.

To that end, Fiatlux is now giving away their software!!! The program is available for download here. The software is a Windows only program and is cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the United States.

Here is the press release:

(Redmond, WA, November 3, 2009) FiatLux Imaging, Inc. a medical software company in Redmond, WA, announces the availability of FiatLux Visualize™ Free, advanced visualization software for CT and MRI medical imaging data. The free software is available via download from for any healthcare professional. There is no charge for download or use of the software.

“There is tremendous unrealized potential in medical imaging data,” stated Quentin Dewolf, CEO of FiatLux Imaging.

“CT and MRI scanners are generating huge amounts of data every day, yet the vast majority of that data is never seen outside of the radiology suite. If it were, we believe referring physicians could make better decisions, patients could gain insight into their conditions, and the expense and inconvenience of duplicate scans could be avoided.

We deliver advanced visualization to any healthcare professional, not just the small number of radiologists who use expensive software on high-end workstations.”

FiatLux Visualize Free is the only free advanced visualization software for CT and MRI medical imaging data that runs on virtually any modern Windows PC/laptop/notebook/tablet – including Windows 7 - and is cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the United States. FiatLux Visualize Free is a fully-featured 2D/3D visualization application – not a demo - for any healthcare professional needing an easy-to-use means of reformatting and viewing DICOM-compatible imaging data.

The software is useful for any healthcare professional, including specialists such as surgeons and cardiologists, primary care physicians, radiologists and radiologic technologists, physician’s assistants, and clinical nurse specialists. Medical students and residents will find FiatLux Visualize Free invaluable for studying anatomy, identifying pathology, and reviewing cases.

Typical uses of FiatLux Visualize Free include an easy-to-use, 2D/3D viewer of images on CD or DVD, radiologist report verification, patient education, and procedure planning.

According to Dewolf, “We are releasing a free version of our software because we believe that democratizing medical imaging data is important in the context of healthcare reform and because it is the fastest way to build a user community. We plan to add valuable features based on the input of those users. A number of features will remain free and some will be available for a fee, referred to as the “freemium” approach.”

FiatLux Imaging, founded in 2007, is dedicated to transforming medical imaging data into insight…for anyone.

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