Saturday, November 14, 2009

DoubleTwist for Managing Your Media Files

For the next few weeks, I'll be tinkering with a new (to me) media manager called DoubleTwist. The program is an open source endeavor that runs on both Mac and Windows.

The idea is a nice one. Basically iTunes has wonderful functionality for managing your media files, but it only works with Apple devices. This leaves those of us with other media capable devices (Palm Pre, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc) out in the cold as far as getting our media libraries onto our non-Apple devices.

I personally fell in love with iTunes in the early days of the iPod, but I've become tired of the cat and mouse game between Palm and Apple as Palm builds iTunes functionality into my Pre and then Apple breaks it... then Palm updates its OS to connect with iTunes, Apple breaks it... you get the idea.

Well now I've got a solution that works and nobody wants to break. DoubleTwist functions with the idea of getting your gadgets to all work together without unnecessary hassles thrown into the mix by the gadget companies.

Recently, the latest iTunes update eliminated my Palm Pre from connecting to iTunes. However, I downloaded DoubleTwist, installed it, and my Pre connected immediately. Moving music, movies, and photos to the Pre or from the Pre to the Mac is a simple matter of dragging and dropping. I didn't even need to import my libraries. During the install, DoubleTwist found all the files and added them automatically.

The company's philosophy is a simple one "We started doubleTwist because we were disappointed by the quality of software applications offered by the major device manufacturers.
Our vision is simple: to create a unifying media platform that connects consumers with all their media and all their devices, regardless of whether they are online or offline.
We feel that just like you don't use a different browser for every web site you visit (Firefox to read the NY Times, IE to stream Hulu, Chrome to browse YouTube, etc) you shouldn't have to use iTunes for Apple products, Nokia software for Nokia phones, Sony software for Sony products, etc. The typical household today has many such devices and there is a need for a simple and powerful software that connects them."

So far I've been impressed with my initial interactions. I'll report back in a few weeks with my overall user experience.

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