Sunday, November 1, 2009

Don't say I didin't tell you first! :-)

Whether it's here on the blog or in the pages of Dental Products Report, I'm frequently asked (or forced) to make predictions. That's just the nature of being involved in technology writing and teaching. Sometimes I can make predictions based on evolving trends, such as 3D imaging and my passion for my Gendex CB-500, but other times I need to take a good old fashioned guess.

Of course as regular readers know, some of my guesses have been way off. I've probably predicted the Beatles catalog on iTunes about 5 times now. Anyway, because predictions are just glorified guesses, I like to celebrate when I report on something and see it go mainstream. So with that in mind, here's today's post.

In December of 2008 I came across a product that I thought you deserved to know about. It's a little device called a Poken which lets you trade your contact info with others. At the time, the company was looking at the younger hipper demographic as a way to easily get the contact of new people you might meet in a college bar, party, etc. However at the time I thought it also could have a business application.

Well today I found an article on that lists 8 tech trends to watch in 2010 and the Poken is among them. The article states:

6. You'll burn your business cards

Salespeople hand them out at trade shows and they might help you win a free lunch. That's right: business cards just won't die. Several iPhone apps – such as Beezcard and SnapDat – allow you to share contact details, but not everyone has an iPhone. A Swiss company has made the PokenZoo, a cute, inexpensive device you touch to another Poken to swap contacts.

Why the trend is important: Saves paper, but also finally alleviates business workers from having to carry these annoying cards around whether they go.

So let the celebration begin! The full text of the trends article on Foxnews can be read here. As somebody who has to predict, I'm anxious to see how many they get right! :-)

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