Friday, October 23, 2009

Windows 7 Hits the Stores

Well October 22nd was the big day and Windows 7 is now available for you to purchase on a new computer or to upgrade your existing machines.

Times have sure changed for the geeks among us. In 1995, I was in line when Windwows 95 came out. I beta tested Windows 98 and Windows Me. By the time Windows XP came out, I was just relieved that I finally had access to the NT kernel on my regular non-server machines. Then came the disaster of Windows Vista which I've never ever used.

Now we have Windows 7 which is being greeted with good comments from the experts and it looks like Microsoft has gotten back on track with the release of the latest operating system. However, at this point I'm not advising anyone to install it on what I call "mission critical" computers. Those are ones that you are absolutely dependent on whether it be for clinical, business, or personal use.

Anytime a new operating system hits the market, there will always be hiccups, most notably a lack of drivers. Losing a printer or a x-ray sensor due to an upgrade could be a disaster. So, my recommendation is to stay the course and wait for the dental vendors to make sure all is well with the systems you use. Better to be safe than sorry. In a few weeks we'll all know for sure and we can proceed.

Even Apple has had problems with its recent Snow Leopard update (thankfully I haven't experienced them). So if you aren't desperate, wait just a little bit and let things shake out a bit.

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