Friday, October 9, 2009

Wacom Announces Intuos4 Tablet Input System for PC's and Mac's

Wacom Intuos4.jpg
Wacom makes great input devices for all types of industries. Although they are mainly found in areas where computer graphic artists are at work, they can also be used in other environments where a need exists to use a mouse that works as a pen.

In the health care industry that comes in handy for patients filling out forms and signing documents. They can also be used by doctors for annotating images and radiographs for patients and specialists.

I have a Wacom Bamboo system in my office which we use in the treatment areas for drawing on our Guru patient education system, intraoral photos, extra-oral photos, and radiographs. I like the Bamboo system because it does everything I want it to do and is more affordable than the Intuos4.

The Intuos4, which can certainly be used in healthcare environments, is a much more robust system allowing for 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity for precise pressure control. This is wonderful for artists who need to shade and draw, but probably overkill for the routine use in dentistry & health care.

The Intuos4 retails for $229 for 24 square inches of drawing space and increases in price for larger drawing ares.

Wacom makes good products and can be counted on to deliver.

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