Thursday, October 1, 2009

TV Armor to Protect your Flatscreen

Where was this shield when the Wii was first released? If you don't remember, there was a whole rash of broken flat panel due to flying remotes at the time. Hopefully those days are behind us and you wouldn't be as likely to need one of these in your home, but there are definite uses for TV Armor.

If you have a TV or some type of flat panel display in your reception area, this could be a nice addition. When I built my new office 18 months ago, we put the dual screen up high so that the risk of accidents would be minimized, but if you don't have that luxury this could definitely help keep the display in one piece.

I've seen these in kids rooms in airports where the TVs are low so the little ones can see them, but that also makes them easy to touch. The TV Armor guards them against disaster.

If you'd like more info, here is the website.

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