Monday, October 26, 2009

Smartphone Risks Increasing

For a diehard geek like me, a smartphone is just one more piece of gear I've got to have. In fact as the poster child for most earlier adopters, I've had one for several years. I consider it an essential part of who I am and it helps me in so many ways.

Now, smartphones are really going mainstream. In fact most people that I know are using their phones for much more than just calls and text messages. It's a beautiful thing, but that also means that as the market of smartphones increases, the chances of viruses, etc also increases.

(CNN) -- Worms, spam, viruses and hackers -- they're not just for your desktop or laptop anymore. According to internet security experts they could be well on their way into your pocket or purse.

The popularity of smartphones -- like the Blackberry, iPhone, Palm and the emerging Droid -- is on the rise and shows no signs of letting up.

And that's making the phones a sweeter target for online ne'er do-wells looking to, at the very least, cause mischief and, at worst, rip off unsuspecting phone owners.

"It's guaranteed that almost everything we see on a computer will show up on a smartphone -- and some new things," said Jake Widman, a San Francisco-based technology writer and analyst.

Last year, more than 139 million smartphones were sold worldwide, a 13.9 percent increase from 2007, according to the British technology analysis firm Gartner.

With Apple planning to release the iPhone in China, and a more affordable Android handset expected to hit the market by the end of the year, the pool of potential targets is only expected to get deeper.

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