Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rumor: Google working on a free turn by turn navigation app

One of the more interesting rumors I've run across recently involves Google and their mapping software. There are whispers that the web giant is working on free (ad supported) app for mobile phones that will provide voice guided turn by turn directions.

Free? Yup, that's the rumor. There are similar services available currently, but they charge between $5-10 per month. If Google enters the market with a no cost option, that will seriously shake things up.

There are some phones that will already do this. Google helped build an iPhone app and my Palm Pre uses built-in Sprint navigation. However, I've got to think that Google would do a better job. Innovation is what they do. This could be an especially big deal as their Android phone and operating system begin to gain market share.

The potential advertising aspect of this has an interesting slant. By knowing your location, ads could be pushed to your phone that feature businesses in the area you are in. Pretty slick, but a bit Minority Report as well.

Of course, rumors are just rumors. Yet... this one seems to be picking up steam. I'm giving this one a 70-30 chance of being for real. Do you have thoughts or a comment?

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