Monday, October 5, 2009

Palm Pre has another Update & More iTunes functionality

Greetings from Dallas! As I wait on my final flight home from the ADA in Honolulu, I thought I'd make a brief blog post. Normal blogging will return tomorrow or Wednesday... depending on how much sleep I get. :-)

Palm has released another update to its WebOS that runs the Palm Pre.

The release, out quickly on the heels of an earlier one last week, restores iTunes functionality for iTunes 9.0 This continuing game of "tag you're it" between Apple and Palm has Apple removing Pre functionality from every iTunes update and Palm recreating the functionality as soon as they can.

This time Palm has even gone a bit further by not only allowing Pre users to synch their music, but their photos as well.

Since there are some Apple folks at Palm now, the game continues. I'm glad Palm keeps allowing the iTunes synching.

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