Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Opinions and Musings from the ADA in Honolulu

Well I'm back from the trip to Hawaii. It's such a beautiful part of the world that it's almost impossible to go there and not enjoy yourself. I got to snorkel, chase dolphins on a catamaran, visit the Dole plantation, build sand castles, and also meet some really great people in our profession.

The meeting was well organized (as the ADA meeting always is). All of the things that I relied on the organizers to do for me was done perfectly and seamlessly; which is always nice when you are speaking. The Hawaii Convention Center is a beautiful and clean facility. The A/V crew were top notch.

Although I didn't hear any solid attendance numbers while there, I can tell you that classes were packed. I saw tons of "sold out" signs on lectures as people filed in and in some cases long lines of folks hoping someone wouldn't show so they could go in. Both of my lectures had lots of good questions which, for me, is always the best part.

On the floor, things looked pretty busy. I heard that there were some slow times, but overall attendance both in the CE and in the exhibit hall was good or better than expected. Most of the vendors I spoke with indicated that sales were very good. There seemed to be more sales in the restorative and small goods markets than in the equipment market, but once again the overall impression was positive.

I just wish Hawaii was closer! We left last night (Sunday) at 5:00 pm and didn't get back to KC until after 9:00 am. Of course it was the same type of thing on the way out... only backwards.

One other point to make. The people of Hawaii are so wonderful. Everywhere we went there were smiles, jokes, and a constant effort to make us feel warm and comfortable. We can all learn something about how to treat others from the folks in our 50th state.

And in closing, a special thank you to the ADA for allowing me to speak at the meeting. I'm always honored by their confidence.

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