Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lexi Demonstrates Palm Pre Software

One of the things that has frustrated me as a Palm Pre user is that the emphasis from most software companies has been on the iPhone and the iPod touch. Now don't get me wrong I completely understand that the iPhone has a much larger user base and deserves the focus that it is receiving. It's just that I'm a Pre user and I need access to info too.

So... you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out yesterday that LexiComp is putting together a software package that will bring the Lexi software to the Palm Pre!

Congrats to the folks at Lexi for their hard work and forward thinking to bring valuable and portable info to those of us in the "Land of the Pre".

Check out the demo on the video above. Although it's just alpha software, you can definitely see the power of having Lexi with you wherever you go!


  1. I checked demo it was best guideline for me. I am Toronto Dentist I would like to go through your post always.

  2. Thanks, I should have some type of early release candidate to experiment with in the not too distant future. I'll report back when I have some info.

  3. Do they or anyone else have software for Blackberries?

  4. Hi Steve, yes Lexi does have software for Blackberry. Check out

    Also, Epocrates has a Blackberry version as well. Check out