Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hand Held Portable X-Ray from Video Dental Concepts

Here's a new product that may be of interest to those of you looking for a portable x-ray unit. The Nomad has been available for a few years now and has been well received by the industry. Now comes a new portable unit from Video Dental Concepts.

The shape is more like a conventional camera than a 'ray gun' style, which the company feels is less intimidating in appearance. I don't have any hands-on experience with it, but the idea of it should be appealing to those looking for a portable system... especially with a price of $3995 currently. When the sale is over the price goes back up to $5395.

Here are the other points of interest from the company website. If you are interested in ordering or other information, click here.

FDA Registered. Welcome to the new way of taking X-rays in Dental Offices: x-ray2go is the way to go! x-ray2go is a portable hand held camera that uses a high frequency inverter to generate a stable X-ray output with DC high voltage. This effective DC unit enables patient and operator to be exposed to the least amount of radiation. The integrated compact "Camera like" generator increases the user's confidence and decrease the negative perception patients have about X-rays. It is small: 5.6" (W) x 3.3" (D) x 1.2" (H). Best of all it only weighs 4.18 Lbs (1.9 Kgs), the lightest on the market.

• Portability – room to room ease
• No installation necessary versus complex, expensive and time consuming on-wall installation.
• No need for pass troughs
• Large LCD display – easy to read
• Simple touch controls
• Adjustable exposure time
• Hundreds of images from one (1) battery charge
• High resolution diagnostic images
• No blur from hand movement high-frequency generator produces clear images while reducing patient dose
• Shield protects the operator from scattered radiation - small dose of radiation emitted
• Leading technology provides the highest level of safety, quality and patient care
• Perfect for special needs patients, home health care patients, nursing home patients, children and veterinary practices
• Perfect for small operatories
• Perfect for mobile dentistry where room is a big factor


  1. Wow, I have never seen a portable x-ray unit such as this. This would be very convenient for a dental office with multiple operatories as it would be easy to transport from one room to the next.
    Emergency Dentist

  2. Wow great tools. Hope it will help dentist to take video of patient teethes & then it's analysis so that they continue treatment procedure in proper way. Salem ma dental implants

  3. The size does play a pretty important role in the dental office. For one thing, the size and shape of that thing makes it less intimidating, especially to children. Furthermore, handling it can be easier thanks to its less clunky size.

    --Trinidad Philipps