Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facebook Hijacking

Facebook has become an Internet force to be reckoned with. Tons of traffic filters through the Facebook servers every day. Of course any time your have that much bandwidth and that many users in one place, you're going to find the less than scrupulous types that show up wherever there are crowds.

Recently Facebook has been dealing with a process called "hijacking" from some Facebook apps that should be benign, but are being hacked and used by the less than honest.

The most common of these is rogue anti-virus software. Here is the scenario: a user plays a game (like CityFireDepartment which is a legitimate game), but the game has been hacked and the rogue antivirus software is installed. This also hijacks the browser and points it to a new homepage which, surprise, is for the antivirus software.

The best recommendation at this time is to avoid these games and keep all your software up to date. Be vigilent!

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  1. The social networks are becoming weak and being invaded.This is very sad and a huge loss of privacy.

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