Saturday, October 17, 2009

Barnes & Noble to Announce their own Branded E-Book Reader

B&N e-book reader.jpg
Well is seems that Amazon isn't the only retailer to be featuring an e-book reader. Rumors are now rampant and Gizmodo even claims to have photos of the new device which is set to be revealed next week.

The device has a bit of a Nintendo DS look to it as it has a color screen along the bottom panel and a black & white e-ink screen along the top. The color screen will also be a touch screen although at this time what functionality it has is a closely guarded secret. The software it is running is supposedly Android which was developed by Google.

The device will allow owners to purchase books that Barnes & Noble sells and publishes as well as books from the Google Books project.

More info should be available after the announcement next week.

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