Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Barnes & Noble Announces "Nook"

As I reported hear earlier, Barnes and Noble has announced their e-book reader called "Nook".

The device is pretty much as I mentioned, e-ink in the top reading area, color touchscreen below.

The wireless part of the service is being provided by AT&T and their 3G network (Amazon uses Sprint). It also uses WiFi which is something the Amazon Kindle does not provide.

To me, the biggest part of the network is to make sure you have good coverage in your area if you plan to use the wireless features.

Memory? Here is the exact text from the B&N website:With 2GB of memory, nook stores up to 1,500 books, newspapers and magazines. Need even more space? Just add a memory card for storage of up to 17,500. An entire library light enough to take with you everywhere, so you'll never be without your favorites.

This looks like a pretty slick product and a worthy challenge to Amazon's Kindle. Price? $259

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